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Names and email addresses of people the press can contact about happenings in the world of Drupal.

Writing about Drupal?

As the 501c3 that acts as the neutral party in the Drupal ecosystem, the Drupal Association is uniquely equipped to help you validate articles about Drupal before publication. Whether you’re writing about Drupal as open-source software, about the ecosystem of hosting companies, or something else, please feel free to consult with us on your draft.

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For media inquiries

Dries Buytaert


Founder & Project Lead


is the open source content management framework behind many of the web’s most influential websites and applications. It’s built for easily creating versatile, structured content and connecting powerful integration tools.

Heather Rocker

Drupal Association

Executive Director


Drupal Association

is the non-profit organization dedicated to helping Drupal flourish. It helps the Drupal community with funding, infrastructure, events, promotion, and distribution.

For security inquiries

Have an inquiry about a security issue? Please email


If, instead, you’d like to report a potential issue, we ask that you

confidentially submit information to the Drupal security team


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